Chalice - i'm on fire

by Katherine Skaggs. If you want to get to know the power of the Goddess, you can call upon her through any of her many expressions. You can call upon Shakti, Isis ...

When not constructed as a waterspout and only serving an ornamental or artistic function, the correct term for such a sculpture is a grotesque , chimera, or boss . There are also regional variations, such as the hunky punk . Just as with bosses and chimeras, gargoyles are said to frighten off and protect those that it guards, such as a church, from any evil or harmful spirits. However, in common usage, the word "gargoyle" is generally used to describe any monstrous sculpture, whether intended as a waterspout or not.

Chalice - I'm On FireChalice - I'm On FireChalice - I'm On FireChalice - I'm On Fire