Two wounded birds - two wounded birds

A recent study in 2016, reported that "of the 22 vulture species, nine are critically endangered, three are endangered, four are near threatened, and six are least concern". [11]

10- Pairs tend to mate for life. Another name for them is “turtle doves.” So, small wonder that the author of the favorite Christmas song kept them as a pair. (Besides, “a mourning dove in a pear tree” just doesn’t sound right!)

partial white bird  
no picture. a large flock of red-winged blackbirds and grackles were feeding in our back yard. We noticed a white bird (some feathers with a little color) … Looks like a robin but totally grey  
Has landed twice last week in the lilac tree just outside my office. It was no more than three feet from me. Body size, beak and tail very similar to a … What kind of hawk might this be  
It most definitely had the body and beak shape of a hawk. The feathers were brown and white and the beak and legs were a bright yellow. The yellow covered … Baby Found in the street  
Baby bird with a very big beak and long toes. Barred pattern on wings and the joint of the mouth is yellow. My friend found it in the street and if we … identity this bird for m  
This bird chirp like bird..but shape of pigeon with slight green and grey near house where this bird was lying on ground and many crows were … Baby bird found in Brooklyn  
my friend found this tiny bird outside my apartment building. He said he was by himself and limping. He has a rather longish beak, gray fluff around his … 3 abandoned baby birds!?  
Found these guys in a shoe box under my porch a few hours ago, obvious someone had placed them there unfortunately for these little guys. We have too many … What type of bird is this?  
I saw this bird sitting in the middle of my neighbors lawn while I was cutting my grass. I had just saw a couple of cats roaming around prior so I thought … Bird found in Field-needing to make sure rescue is not needed  
Our dog actually stumbled upon this little cutie. It didn't fly away when we walked up to see what the all the fuss was about. That lead me to believe … small bird the size of a finch or sparrow in Pacific Northwest  
this small mostly grey, mask on face and dark blue on top half of wings 6" brown bird with forked tail  
North Georgia mountains, new bird nesting under eve of our house. Lighter underside, yellow beak, makes distinct chiurp, "CH IP" has a mate of same … Mourning dove parents abandoned babies?  
We have a pair of doves who made a nest above our door. The babies were hatched 7 days ago. They were doing fine and growing like crazy all week. Today … Black fledgling, blue tipped feathers, yellow beak  
My neighbor and her daughter found a young bird and are insistent on caring for it themselves. (Yes, yes...I understand all the things wrong with this … Oklahoma bird picture  
Saw for the first time last evening just before dusk feeding on the ground beneath feeders. Small bird with black head and white at back of neck and rest … Name of unusal bird at feeder  
Jet black (a bit shiny) 3 or 4 inches (Hummingbird size) sleek and sturdy. Beautiful! It was enjoying the suet I buy for the Downey woodpeckers and Nuthatches. … Brainlyn01  
Hello... It's a very small bird, maybe finch size, maybe slightly larger, dark indigo/ deep dark all blue bird ...with a pointy head on top kind of like … Warbling black bird with black webbed feet  
We saw this bird in San Antonio, TX, today. death bird  
this bird is associated with death because it was seen attempting to enter into my friend's car and into his house. my friend later died and his funeral … .  
Just set a bird house and two of these birds live in it sure do sing do like to know what kind of bird so that I can have the … Hawks  
Flies into my backyard and terrifies all the black birds and song birds. Its large, haw-like, silver gray with light tan breast and hawk or Kite like bill. … mystery bird  
she or he was small like a pheobe black feathers on the back and a white belly but the head had spiky feathers im unsure what kind it was it flies fast. … How do I deal with chipmunks who eat all the food?  
We have a good-quality "squirrel buster" bird feeder that works well for squirrels, but last spring and this spring we have been bothered by a chipmunk. … Senior Citizen  
Saw a bird perched on my Sheppard hook just outside Beàver Dam, Wi. It was the size of a Blue Jay but didn't have the coloring of a Blue Jay, except for … Laura KP  
We've lived in this house for 9 years, and the birds common in our wooded back yard (red pines and honeysuckle bushes) are: Northern Cardinals Black … White and Black bird in Southern Indiana  
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However, the tradition had become deeply rooted in European culture as a prerogative of the aristocracy , and these attempts largely failed. For example, King Louis XIII of France outlawed dueling in 1626, a law which remained in force for ever afterwards, and his successor Louis XIV intensified efforts to wipe out the duel. Despite these efforts, dueling continued unabated, and it is estimated that between 1685 and 1716, French officers fought 10,000 duels, leading to over 400 deaths. [13]

PHOENIX - A fabulous Egyptian bird said to live 500 or 1,000 years, and to kill itself by sitting on a burning pile of aromatic woods, its ashes giving birth to a young phoenix. 

"I thought you'd might." Naruto panted slightly. His stamina levels without the aid of the demon inside of him were already absurd when compared to the standard of the other ninja in his home universe, but even as winded as he was performing his strongest technique, the destructive output of it was simply put fucking ridiculous. "Thanks for keeping me out of the blast radius by the way."

Two Wounded Birds - Two Wounded BirdsTwo Wounded Birds - Two Wounded BirdsTwo Wounded Birds - Two Wounded BirdsTwo Wounded Birds - Two Wounded Birds